MOVIE: Timecop (1994)

COMIC BOOK: Dark Horse/Time Cop: A Man out of time. (1992)

This comic book movie adaptation is one of my favorites for the simple fact that I’m a die hard Jean-Claude Van Damme fan! Like most comic to movie adaptations, this film strayed from it’s source material, A two part mini series written by Mark Verheiden with artist Ron Randall. The movie however, Directed by Peter Hyams, had its own nice take on the story. With JCVD playing the lead role of (Walker) there was also a descent supporting cast with Mia Sara playing JCVD love interest, Ron Silver as antagonist (Senator McComb) and supporting actor Bruce McGill as (Matuzak). This Sci-Fi thriller did not lack action with its high kicking martial arts and cool special affects, complete with JCVD signature “Splits”, it keeps you entertained from start to finish. Its one major flaw would have to be in its explanation of its time traveling rules, which are laughable and will leave you scratching your head in confusion! One rule in particular, the “Same matter can’t occupy the same space” rule, make no sense at all. Ridiculous time traveling rules aside, the story will have you hoping Walker has enough time to save the woman he loves. For as the tag line reads, “They killed his wife ten years ago. There’s still time to save her”… If you haven’t seen this fun movie you should do so, for it is worth your “Time”…