This 1986 thriller has a very 80’s feel to it from its visual style to its score. Although it has a strong 80’s feel, it still holds up today. But first let me say that I never knew this film was the original prequel to the 1991 film “The Silence of the Lambs”! I was very surprised to learn that the 2002 film Red Dragon was a remake. With Red Dragon being one of my favorite movies it was hard to watch Manhunter without comparing the two. In comparison, this film can feel very out dated, but as a stand alone movie, it respectfully takes its place in the Drama/Thriller genre. Tom Noonan as (Francis Dollarhyde) didn’t quite have that creepiness to him, but more of a strange awkwardness that made him unsettling! William Petersen on the other hand put out a strong performance along with several other supporting cast members. Now Brian Cox as (Dr. Hannibal Lecktor) just didn’t work for me! But in his defense, Brian Cox screen time was very limited to just a few minutes. But that doesn’t really matter, cause lets face it, when it comes to Dr. Hannibal Lecktor, there is only one, and that one is none other then Sir Anthony Hopkins!!! With that being said I still enjoyed the film, giving this thriller a high 6.

“Tag it & Bag it”                      6/10