Critics are raving, The Last Witch Hunter is, “A movie” and “Something I watched”. Peter Travers from Rolling Stone Magazine called it, “1hr 46min long”… (Heard that somewhere and always wanted to use it). Ok let me get serious. This movie sucks! I’m usually not one to bad talk a movie, but this was just horrible. Its as if Vin Diesel conjured up his character “Dom” from the fast and furious franchise and just used him in this film. Or any of his other roles for that matter, for I’m starting to get the feeling that Vin Diesel is a one dimensional actor. His role as (Kaulder) in this action/fantasy starts out with a nicely done opening scene as he hunts down a witch with some fellow witch hunters, I’m guessing here as they never really explain there origins. Unfortunately it all goes down hill from there! The brainless plot leaves you confused at times as the story moves from scene to scene without any explanation. We never see Kaulder develop as he goes from witch hunter to detective and back to witch hunter again, as the story moves very quickly (Which isn’t a bad thing). He then makes a sudden, some what romantic, alliance with a witch named Chloe (played by Rose Leslie) which seemed to come out of nowhere! Together they continue the adventure as they battle tree monsters, little metal bugs, plague infested bee’s and more witches. Seems like the film never new which direction it was going in as it threw all these elements in the blender and hit the whip button. On the positive side, some of the special effects were pretty cool! With all the cool magic mumbo-jumbo, this might strike a cord with the younger demographic (teens with black nail polish and the “nobody understands me” attitude), as it gives off a message that not all witches are bad. Never the less I still found myself sitting there wondering when it was going to end, as Vin Diesel’s charm carried no weight here. With cool special effects this movie is a low 4, at best!

“Tag it & Bag it”…              4/10