This 1986 adventure/fanatasy is a forgotten gem among the fantasy genre. Before the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogy’s there was Legend! A fairy tale adventure with Fairies, Elf’s, Unicorns, Goblins and one scary Prince of Darkness!!! Jack (Tom Cruise) is the hero of this dark tale who finds himself trying to rescue the love of his life Lili (Mia Sara) from the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) who wishes to marry her and destroy daylight forever. Directed by Ridley Scott this story seems like your typical Cinderella story but it has a much darker tone with light humor. The visuals and set pieces are so stunning you literally get drawn into this world which has a Tim Burton imagination feel to it. Acting is great from entire cast, some of which are completely hidden behind prosthetic costumes but still manage to pull off great performances. One character in particular, Meg Mucklebones , will scare the hell out of you, although her part is “cut” short. Some of the Elf’s like Brown Tom and Screwball were used as comedy relief moments and I felt it could have done without the child like humor at times. But it would have to be Tim Curry and his portrayal of Darkness that really stole the show! This has to be one of the most powerful villains in cinema history. If you haven’t seen this film you are missing out on something special! This movie is a solid 9 for me. With a director like Ridley Scott and star power like Tom Cruise, this 80’s fantasy still delivers a powerful experience and holds its place among movie “Legends”!…

“Tag it & Bag it”                        9/10