Its been over ten years since we’ve seen director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks team up for another solid film! The popularity of spy movies has not faded throughout the years with 2015 having a hand full of them alone. This spy movie relies more on the drama then action as it tells the true story of the events in 1957 when a Soviet spy is captured. Soviet spy Rudolf Abel played by award-winning actor Mark Rylance, to me, stole the show. Such a great performance that you will find yourself emotionally attached to his character! The story may seem to drag a bit towards the third act but with such good acting it will keep you invested till the end. With no doubt this was a scary time in history, the story is told based off Brooklyn Lawyer James Donovan played by Tom Hanks, who in my opinion, never disappoints! Although it lacks intensity, this slow moving drama will draw you in with its Oscar winning actors and great directing. Making this dramatic Biopic a high 7!

“Tag it & Bag it”             7/10