This horror film really surprised me for I was not expecting it to keep me interested in its story that’s told completely thru a computer (Skype) camera! But director Levan Gabriadze found a way to creatively manage this new “shaky-cam” style. Starting with a intense opening scene of a high school suicide, on the schools baseball field, it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. The six “friends” that you will see thru out the entire film on computer screens as they join a skype party, immediately give off the vibe of your typical snotty high school punks. The story quickly escalates when a unknown “person” joins the skype party and begins to wreck havoc, (and I quickly begin cheering for this person) as you start to see just how snotty these kids are! The movie never really goes too over the top, giving it a realism of the very real world issue of cyber bulling suicides. Without any big names, female lead Shelley Hennig, (Blaire) pulled off a respectful performance! Although far from perfect, this original take on the horror genre really demands its place, for I did enjoy it. Giving this thriller a high 7!

“Tag it & Bag it”                7/10