Kick-Ass movie poster final
Kick-Ass movie poster final


The Movie: Kick-Ass (2010)

The Comic Book: kick-Ass (2008)

This comic book movie is one of my favorite, being beat only by Avengers! But one of my favorites as was the 8 issue mini series comic book. As usual some things were changed for the film but none of it mattered as the changes worked out perfect on screen. This was over the top action/comedy gold, as Dave Lizewski/Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) awkwardly battles the every day struggle of high school. A typical nerd who takes his superhero fantasy a few steps too far. That is until he meets two very real vigilantes who quickly show Kick-Ass a thing or two about, well, kicking ass! Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy was fun to watch and was Cage’s more memorable role in years. But the star of the film was Chloe Grace Moretz or better yet, Hit Girl, a two-foot-nothing little girl who packs a punch (and a foul mouth) who completely stole the show every second of her screen time. If you were a fan of the comic it makes it that much more special because the casting was so on point that they really brought the comic characters to life! From the entire cast to director Mathew Vaughn and his signature style filming, they had magic in a bottle from the very start. With a awesome score that fit the tone of the movie, the music made every scene a masterpiece. Filled with lots of humor it still held strong with its emotional scenes, one in particular emotional scene involving Hit Girl and Big Daddy will have you fighting back those tears! Not enough can be said about this over the top action flick that really made me a fan of Chloe Grace Moretz and director Mathew Vaughn. If you haven’t seen this movie you need to stop what your doing and do so now! and while your at it check out the comic too, for they both “kick ass”!