This historic adventure is one of the best out of the “Sword and Sandals” genre! One of the best films of 2004, Troy has been one of the better takes on the Trojan Horse story to date. Was this story turned into a myth by oral historians or does the film accurately portray the actual events of the Trojan War? The answer is, it doesn’t really matter! Director Wolfgang Peterson told this story in detail and in such a way that it never felt convoluted in telling the story of several different key characters. The story never really favors one character although Achilles (Brad Pitt) and Hector (Eric Bana) are the main focus point with the rest of the cast playing off them wonderfully. An excellent cast from Orlando Bloom (Paris) to Brian Cox (Agamemnon), the talent does not disappoint. But the star of this film would have to be Brad Pitt as Achilles! His portrayal of this legendary warrior, who was said to have a godlike fighting style, was excellently executed! Whether he’s striking down giants with a single deadly swing of his sword (pictured above/bottom pic), or his epic battle with Hector, a warrior of almost equal skill, Achilles brought it in every way you want a warrior to bring it. The fight between Achilles and Hector ranks as one of the best sword fights in cinematic history! The film also has other great battles of war as the Greeks face the Trojans and attempt to breach the high walls of Troy. The story also revolves around another key character, Helen (Diane Kruger), whos beauty was said to be beyond that of any woman. Later she would be known as “The face that launched a thousand ships”, as the results of her actions spark the war! If there’s any flaw in this movie it might be in its editing as it has a run time of 2hrs 45mins which seems at times that it could have been shortened. Other then that this movie totally brings it on all levels! This movie is a solid 10! After watching Troy, all other “sword and sandal” films seem small and will leave you screaming, “Is there no one else”!…

“Tag it & Bag it”     10/10