By now most of you have seen the new movie images of “The Huntsman: Winters War”, coming out April 2016. The new characters look amazing! Not to mention that they picked up two of the most powerful and entertaining actresses in the business right now. Emily Blunt as “The Ice Queen” and Jessica Chastain as “The Warrior” should fit in perfectly with Charlize Theron (Ravenna) and Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman) as we continue the adventure of the 2012 film “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Snow White and the Huntsman was a success with a 56 million opening weekend and grossing 396 million worldwide! Although it had mixed reviews, which in my opinion was due to the controversy surrounding Kristen Stewart at the time, I really enjoyed this film. With just a trailer and a few very cool movie posters to go by, Winters War is looking pretty good. Missing from this sequel is the character of Snow White who was played by Kristen Stewart in the first installment. I personally didn’t have a problem with Stewart as Snow White and would have liked for her to return for the role. Could we see her again in a 3rd film, its very possible as this is being planned as a trilogy. As for Winters War, I am very excited to see this live action fairytale continue. Until then,

“See You At The Movies”…