House, another forgotten treasure that never gets old. This horror film wonderfully blends its fantasy and subtle comedy, in classic 1980’s fashion!  Filled with a great cast of 80’s comedic actors including William Katt as (Roger Cobb), Richard Moll as (Big Ben) and George Wendt as (Harold Gorton), the movie never lets you forget that its a horror film at its core. With a full roster of great characters, director Steve Miner does an excellent job of making the “House” a very important character of its own. With a very creepy opening scene, the movie slowly builds up its scary element before venturing into its fantasy, a bizarre world of Monsters, The Living Dead and one Double-Barrel-Gun-Twirling Gargoyle. Bizarre and random as these characters may seem, its a completely satisfying mix that only the magic of the 80’s could do. This movie is a solid 9 and is a classic in my opinion. If you have not seen this forgotten gem, go on the treasure hunt for this wonderfully crafted cinematic masterpiece. If you find it, and for some strange reason you don’t like it, don’t blame me… “It was the House that did it”…

“Tag It & Bag It”      9/10