The Movie: Jonah Hex (2010)

The Comic Book: Jonah Hex (DC)

On the comic book side of this DC character, every issue is a one shot (story that begins and ends in one issue), in most of its recent issues. Some really good story telling that started back in the 70’s that have a mostly western background. But now on to the movie side of this truly interesting character. Unfortunately there are hardly any good things to say about this comic book movie disaster! This is very surprising as the film has an extremely impressive cast with Josh Brolin playing the leading role of Jonah Hex, antagonist John Malkovich as Quentin Turnbull and supporting cast member Michael Fassbender as Burke. Which goes to show that no matter how impressive a cast may be, it can’t save or guarantee a good movie. Especially when put in the hands of a rookie director as Jimmy Hayward who helmed this embarrassing mess. So bad that even throwing in beautiful eye candy like Megan Fox as Lilah could not save this sinking ship, although it did help, as I believe Megan Fox is underappreciated when it comes to her acting skills. This film had potential to be great with a rich history of story telling thru its long comic book run, but it seem to take no real attempt at using any of its source material. The film never seemed to know its own identity as it failed poorly as a western, a thriller, a drama or even a fantasy film. Some good action scenes mixed with some solid performances by Brolin and Malkovich were its only redeeming qualities. Unfortunately those good qualities were drowned out by bad directing and, well, everything else! If your a fan of the comic or any of the actors mentioned in this flop, look for it on Netflix or maybe some other movie streaming service. Its definitely not worth its full dvd/bluray retail price! Unless its in the $5 dollar bin at Walmart. So until then,

“See You At The Movies”…