A big thanks to joel watches movies for nominating me! Greatly appreciated!

Here are the rules for the award as they have been passed on to me:

  1. Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less then 200 followers.
  5. Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.
Here are my answers to joel watches movies awesome questions:
1. Top 3 films?
The Avengers, Kick-Ass, Guardians of the Galaxy.. (I’m a huge comic book fan)
2. Top 3 books?
Patient Zero, Dragon Factory and Code Zero. Books of the Joe Ledger series by Jonathan Mayberry!
3. Top 3 singers artists/bands?
This is a tuff one since I’m not too much of a music person. Mana (older stuff), Creed and 2Pac.
4. Top 3 (my choice)?
Favorite comic book, Y The Last Man. Favorite video game, Titanfall. and favorite food, Pizza!
5. Favorite beverage?
Ice cold sweet tea from McDonalds!
6. Most memorable travel experience?
5 day cruise on the Carnival cruise line Jubilee ship. The night clubs were a blast, the scenery, the food… just about everything was memorable!
7. Favorite board game?
8. Feeling refreshed, one hour to myself, what do I do?
Get in a few matches on the new Call of Duty Black ops 3 game.
9. Favorite actor/actress?
Easy, Jean-Claude Van Damme! Honorable mentions, Thomas Haden Church, Mark Ruffalo, Emily Blunt and Benico Del Toro.
10. Big city or Open Country?
Big city. (but not too big)!
11. Favorite part of Nature?
Clouds, I love cloudy days! (hope that counts as nature).
And here are 11 random facts about myself:
1. I love movies!
2. I love comics!
3. I love video games (XboxOne)
4. I’m a heavy equipment operator at a rock quarry (60 ton haul truck)
5. AMC Theaters are my favorite theaters to go to with Edwards and Hawkins theaters tie for second.
6. Going to the movies with my kids is my most favorite pass time!
7. Enjoyed practicing martial arts when I was younger, (now I just enjoy watching martial arts movies)!…
8. Lived in Texas forΒ 3 years.
9. I sometimes use random movie lines to communicate with family members just to annoy them…
10. Seriously running out of things to say about myself..
11. Just started this movie blog not too long ago. I only have 2 followers but I still enjoy it very much. Hopefully I get a few more followers thanks to joel watches movies and nominating me. Thanks again!
And here are my nominations for the Liebster Award:
1. Yana_Breath
2. I Enjoy A Good Show
3. The Curly Echo
4. thrift shopper for peace
5. gareth brandt
And my 11 questions:
1. Favorite film.
2. Favorite actor/actress.
3. Favorite Director.
4. Favorite video game.
5. Favorite book or graphic novel.
6. Place you would like to visit the most.
7. Favorite food.
8. Favorite pass time.
9. If you were given the opportunity to act or direct a film, which would you choose.
10. Favorite drink.
11. Favorite movie genre.