In the Heart of the Sea has an engaging narrative that makes this another great Ron Howard film! Its in small part a Biography, a drama for sure, a period piece, but most of all its a survival story. Surviving the elements of being stranded at sea is not easy, especially when you have a giant Sperm Whale with a human like need for vengeance attacking you! The special effects were CGI heavy but done in good taste in my opinion. Not enough can be said about the performance of the entire cast from the leading men Chris Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker to Brendan Gleeson and Ben Whishaw! And lets not forget the biggest character of all, “Moby Dick”. Although Moby Dick is not the center of the story, as the action takes a back seat to the story, he still is a very pivotal part of the film! The tension between Captain and First Mate I really enjoyed as you see what happens when a seasoned veteran has to take orders from a younger inexperienced Captain. With the third act of the film having some slow moments there’s not much I didn’t like. No, this film kept me into it from start to finish and didn’t disappoint when it came to the horror of having a giant whale attacking you from the deep blue sea. A solid 9, as this film will test your “Sea Legs” for sure!

“Tag It & Bag It”       9/10