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The Movie: Blade Trinity (2004)

The Comic Book: Blade; Nightstalking (2005 Marvel Comics)

The comic, a prelude that leads right into the introduction of the Night Stalkers in the movie is by no means its only connection to the Blade comic. Blade was first introduced in 1973, issue #10 of “The Tomb of Dracula”. Years later he’d get his solo comic but not becoming popular until the mid 90’s. That’s just a brief run down of the Blade comic as I like to do for my “Comic Book Movie Wednesday” category (a day late, sorry).. Now onto the best part, the movie! Yes you heard me right, the best part, as I’m a big fan of this trilogy. The first two installments were horror/action films with a big emphasis on the horror! Trinity on the other hand laid heavily on its action with some quirky humor, but good quirky humor! The action is what really sold me on this film, having all the right elements a action film needs. It had shoot-outs, Kung-fu, explosions, Vampires and more Kung-fu. Its female lead Jessica Biel playing Abigail Whistler (yes Whistlers daughter) was phenomenal in this, selling the action almost on her own. Another addition to the franchise was Ryan Reynolds as (Hannibal King) who single handedly delivered the quirky humor in classic fashion as he improvised one liners like, “You might wanna try blinking”. This role is the best preview to Ryan Reynolds upcoming  role of Deadpool coming out in 2016. This film was far from perfect but for David S. Goyer’s directorial debut it wasn’t bad at all, especially if your an action junkie like myself! Giving it lots of references to the comic, its even more special for the fans of the book. Not to be forgotten is Blade, which almost happens as he’s over shadowed by the show stealing characters of Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. Blade, being played again by actor Wesley Snipes, didn’t really seem to bring anything new to the role other then some bad one liners (“goochie-goo” anyone?). One other honorable mention would be pro wrestler “Triple H” as (Jarko Grimwood) who didn’t have many lines thankfully. Problems aside, this is empty headed popcorn fun at its best! Yes, if you haven’t seen this third installment of the trilogy, find it, turn your brain off and enjoy! so until next time,

“See You At The Movies”…