After a 10 year slumber, the Force has definitely awakened! Star Wars: The Force Awakens brings back the spirit of the franchise that started so long ago. Bringing back characters that are the heart of this franchise like Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the nostalgia hits you full Force! Not to mention some very familiar Droids that are loved by all just as much. Its not only the old characters that bring back the spirit of Star Wars but also the set pieces, the use of practical effects and the visually stunning wide screen shots that work as beautiful eye candy to the viewers. But all this cannot work without the success of the introduction of the “new” story line and characters. Needles to say, the new characters blew me away! Yes, from the leading lady Daisy Driver (Rey), and supporting actor John Boyega (Finn), I was completely impressed with these two virtually unknown actors. The force behind this 7th installment came mainly from the new characters in my opinion, and the great CGI gave this film a nice balance across the board. Speaking of new characters, BB-8 is sure to become a fan favorite! The comedy was plenty and really handled well, giving Rey and Finn good chemistry along with the rest of the cast. This will come across as a great film to audience members who are unfamiliar with the franchise. To the Star Wars fans this installments means a lot more, with subtle references that will move you emotionally. The force is awake and is extremely strong with this one! (To keep this spoiler free I am not writing on one issue I had with the film)…

“Tag It & Bag It”                 9/10