When it comes to the topic of movie remakes there’s an endless supply of remakes to debate about. On this topic there are two sides to choose from, those that are for remakes, and those who are against them. I find that most of the time people fall on the “against” side of this remake debate. Reasons that range from, “You will ruin the original”, “Remakes always suck” to, “Don’t mess with the classics”… With a good amount of bad remakes its understandable to form this opinion as the remake usually doesn’t live up to the original. With that being said, I am totally for  remakes! In my opinion, a bad remake does absolutely nothing to the original. If they make a remake of a movie you love and it turns out to be a stinker, you always have the original to go back to and enjoy any time you want. This is not just true with a personal movie favorite but also with classics. One might argue that there’s no new ideas and movies are suffering from lack of originality. I counter that with, if there’s a chance to enjoy something you love in a new form why not take it, once again, if you don’t like the new take you can always go back to the one you do love. Still, I respect the opinion of those who are against it. As far as remakes go, good or bad, here are a list of honorable mentions, Scarface (1932-1983), The Hills Have Eyes (1977-2006), The Fly (1958-1986), The Thing (1982-2011), King Kong (1976-2005). Pictured above are some of my personal favorite remakes! True Grit (1969-2010), a John Wayne western classic that just got better with its remake starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974-2003), this remake, although not as good as its original, was still a very enjoyable film starring Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker and R. Lee Ermey! Last but not least, The Blob (1958-1988) was a good example of why remakes are totally ok with me. Although the CGI of this remake are very bad, its practical effects are extremely well done, making the original obsolete. Of course these remakes mentioned here just scratch the surface as there have been hundreds done throughout the years. So are you for or against remakes? Better still, what are some remakes that are your favorites, for better or worst. Until then,

“See You At The Movies”!