This intense thriller went under the radar when it first came out, making this film my most pleasant surprise of 2001! It got a cult following after its DVD release, not because it was a bad film but because as mentioned before, it went under the radar with its theatrical release. This is one of my favorite Paul Walker movies by far! The 3 main cast members where amazing, Paul Walker (Lewis), Steve Zahn (Fuller) and Leelee Sobieski (Venna) had great chemistry and played off each other wonderfully. The voice of antagonist Rusty Nail played by Matthew Kimbrough (voiced by Ted Levine) was a key ingredient to the intensity of this thriller. The story flowed nicely from beginning to end, building its way to its intense climax. The dialogue is also a great ingredient as this film has many great lines from Rusty’s, “I’d take off your bra” to Candy Canes (Lewis’s made up female character) “I like pink champagne”, this movie is awesomely quotable! The settings and the humor all worked well as this movie had a real thriller mystery type feel to it and didn’t slow down when it came to its intense finale. This movie was already special to me and the passing of actor Paul Walker makes it even more so now. If you haven’t seen this humorous thriller please do so, for you wont be disappointed.

“Tag It & Bag It”           10/10