Michael Fassbender (Counselor), Cameron Diaz (Malkina), Javier Bardem (Reiner), Penelope Cruz (Laura), Brad Pitt (Westray) and directed by Ridley Scott, has to be a masterpiece, you would think, right? Well think again my friends, this star studded cast with one of the best directors in the business was far from perfect. Its hard to follow story was baffling at times, when the story consisted of your typical drug deal gone wrong. The confusion can be blamed mainly on its philosophical dialogue that was harder to follow then a William Shakespeare play! This was frustrating for the simple fact that it didn’t have to be, given the layout of the films story it had potential to be a good crime drama like that of the great gangster films of the 90’s like Casino (1995) and Goodfellas (1990). Unfortunately it was a confusing dialogue driven mess. The movie did have some very jaw-dropping moments like a certain motorcycle “wire” scene, a yellow Porche sex scene (pictured above) and the most gruesome scene of all involving Brad Pitt and another “wire”. A couple of intense shoot out scenes which were all jaw-dropping and gory, just didn’t seem to fit and some came out of nowhere. The ending doesn’t give any real closure to its main character and the movie as a whole just seemed very disappointing. Never the less the acting was great and so was the directing for the most part but I’m sorry to say that it just didn’t deliver.

“Tag It & Bag It”           5/10