By now most of you have seen the new images to Marvels upcoming movie, Doctor Strange. Like Ant-Man of earlier this year, Dr. Strange (Stephen Vincent Strange) is a major character in the comic book side of the Marvel universe. Making his first appearance in, Strange Tales issue 110 and created by Steve Ditko,  Stephen is no “stranger” to the major heroes of Marvel. He has been a Avenger, Defender and was even part of the Illuminati team that launched Bruce Banner (Hulk) into space creating Planet Hulk which would eventually lead to World War Hulk! Now to the general movie going audience, they probably have no clue who Dr. Strange is. Worry not, for the role is being played by respectful actor Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game/Star Trek: Into Darkness). Also part of the cast is Amy McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton just to name a few. These first images have me very excited and I believe this will be very different from the typical super hero movies we’ve seen so far. Or it can turn out to be one psychedelic mess and become Marvels biggest flop (lets hope not!). But lets face it, Ant-Man was considered Marvels biggest gamble and although its far from perfect, they knocked it out the park (most audience members loved it).. So lets give Marvel the benefit of the doubt and expect another enjoyable film. Set to come out November 4, 2016 Dr. Strange is one of my most anticipated movies of next year! so until then,

“See You At The Movies”