If your a Quintin Tarantino fan, you will not be disappointed. If your a western fan, you will not be disappointed. If your a movie lover in general, you will not be disappointed (Probably). This is Quintin Tarantino doing what he does best with strong character development and dialogue so captivating you forget your sitting in a theater watching a movie! The star studded cast speaks for itself here and not enough can be said about there performance. Most of the actors are Quintin Tarantino regulars, or at least have worked with him before like Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel and Tim Roth just to name a few. But it was out of the new actors to the world of Tarantino that I found most enjoyable-  Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue) makes you hate her yet she’s oddly intriguing- Demian Bichir (Bob/Marco The Mexican) will make you laugh just by being himself- James Parks (O.B Jackson) has a small role yet I found him to be one of my favorites! Like I said, not enough can be said about the excellent cast and the characters they played!. The finale act of the film seemed to go over the top with some of its humor in a small way but its to be expected and can be easily overlooked as it still keeps in tone with the story. This is a solid film and will fit nicely in your collection of Quintin Tarantino movies as this marks the 8th film by him. Or if you have a western collection it will fit nicely there too, like I said, you wont be disappointed!

“Tag It And Bag It”            9/10