This movie started out extremely good and continued to do so well into the third act before completely falling apart with its finale. Sean Penn playing the lead role as Terrier, really did carry his part and will be a delight for fans who have been waiting for him to lead an action flick. Javier Bardem (Felix) and Mark Rylance (Cox) were a pleasure as they always are in everything they do. With a very serious tone throughout the whole first half of the movie, it really capitalized on having that intense spy thriller feel to it. Unfortunately its set up leading to its climax felt like a completely different movie. The last hour or so felt more like the action B movies of the early 90’s. With its very disappointing ending, it also left some unexplained plot holes leaving you feeling more disconnected with its solid first half. None the less its still a somewhat fun action thriller with a solid performance from its lead actor Sean Penn.

“Tag It & Bag It”            6/10