Former champion and MMA star Gina Carano plays Ava, a tough street wise girl who was raised to be a fighter by her father Casey (Stephen Lang/Avatar) who is also a tuff hardened street criminal. On vacation and soon to be on a mission to find her missing husband this martial arts action thriller lets the punches fly! Not to be taken too seriously, as the story descends into a low budget-cheese fest in your typical “straight to DVD” fashion. The fighting and action scenes are just above low budget quality and with a little more time Gina Carano can become a house hold name in the action star genre! With above average acting from most of its cast members this can be a fun movie especially if your a fan of the old action B movies of the 80’s. Its ridiculous ending was so absurd that the film seemed to laugh at itself, or it could have been some really bad humor timing. But like I said, if you don’t take it too serious you might just have fun with this one!

“Tag It & Bag It”            4/10