Remake/reboot, or whatever you want to call it, this iteration just didn’t live up to its 1991 original. Its under developed characters never give you that “wolf pack” feeling, the feeling that these guys just ain’t partners in crime, there brothers. The story itself seemed rushed jumping from scene to scene with most of the attention set on the extreme stunts themselves. Utah (Luke Bracey) fit the part well when it came to the extreme sports side of his character but was never convincing enough as an F.B.I agent! A more important character to this story is Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), as a lot rides on his shoulders being the main antagonist and leader of the criminal band of “brothers”. Again, this role just didn’t seem to fit Ramirez as he never showed any leadership qualities. In Edgar Ramirez’s defense, this is not totally his fault, as director Ericson Core just didn’t seem to invest anything when it came to the story. The one redeeming factor to the film came from its extreme poly sports athletes and the incredible stunts they performed! With beautiful locales as it follows these extreme athletes around the world, this film can take your breath away when it comes to its stunts and set pieces. Unfortunately without any story and characters to care about, this film falls by the wayside.

“Tag It & Bag It”            5/10