This incredibly emotional drama based off a true story is nothing short of Oscar perfection! Hilary Swank (Brandon Teena) plays a young girl going through an identity crises and the struggle she goes through as she tries to find who she is. An amazing performance by Hilary Swank, including great performances by supporting cast members Chloe Sevigny (Lana Tisdel), Peter Sarsgard (John Lotter) and Alicia Gordanson (Candace), all brought human depth to each of there roles. With a very real world setting director Kimberly Peirce really captures the emotion and tragedy of the life of Brandon Teena. The film touches on a issue that can be subject to controversy and criticism, not being influenced by this, the story holds back nothing not only on the issue of dealing with a identity crises but on the consequences of poor decision making. This story will touch you as it can be considered one of the top 20 saddest movies of all time. A must see film to anyone who wants to see an academy award performance, on a very real story!

“Tag It & Bag It”                10/10