Hulk (2003)

The Movie: Hulk (2003)


The Comic: The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Comics)

Director Ang Lee brought, for the first time ever to the big screen, The Incredible Hulk! Hulk made his first comic book appearance back in 1962 in The Incredible Hulk issue #1. Since then he’s become one of Marvels most popular character and loved by many. Being a major player in comics, he’s played a role on several of marvels mightiest teams like The Avengers. Going thru several incarnations throughout the years, one of Hulks most popular story arcs came to be called Planet Hulk, which lead straight into the mini series, World War Hulk. With that brief run down, lets move onto the first ever big screen debut of the jade giant!


In 2003 we were delighted to finally see the Hulk on the “silver screen”! Being a Hulk fan all my life I went into this movie with high expectations and a came out with a very biased opinion. I tried to convince myself that this was a awesome movie, the reality tho, this movie had many problems. I respect any director who tries new things, but Ang Lee’s comic-booked-framed cut scenes just did not work. Also, departing from the Hulk mythos was extra annoying giving that, it would have made for a better story had they stuck to the source material. One nice thing was the action scenes in the desert that had Hulk fighting the military in classic Jack Kirby and Stan Lee fashion! Unfortunately all other action scenes just didn’t deliver, even when Hulk goes up against Hulked-Out mutant dogs (why did one have to be a Poodle?). One really big problem was the Hulk himself, having major issues with the then CGI, Hulked seemed to change from size to size. The film did have some serious talent when it came to its cast with Eric Bana playing Bruce Banner (Hulk), Jennifer Connelly (Betty Ross) and Sam Elliott as Thadus “Thunder Bolt” Ross. Also starring Nick Nolte as Bruce’s father who later turns into “The Absorbing Man”?… Its better left unexplained. With its many different issues most audience members probably wont enjoy this 2hrs and 15min problematic mess. But to the die hard Incredible Hulk fan, this movie is worth watching on the fact that its the Hulk’s first theater appearance. So for you die hard fans (and small children), feel free to enjoy this stand alone film of one of the best super heroes of all time, “Hulk Smash”! Until then,

“See You At The Movies”