This revenge story is in part a survival story at the same time. With its amazing settings this period piece will take you back in time and is completely stunning in this aspect! Its beautiful scenery views throughout the movie will catch your attention along with set designs, all the way down to costumes. This compliments the survival side of the story, but the main plot was built on your typical revenge story which felt a bit cliché.


The casting was great with the entire crew putting out superb performances! Leonardo DiCaprio (Hugh Glass) was a pleasure to watch as he takes you on this painful and dangerous adventure. With other great actors pulling there own weight like Domhnall Gleeson (Captain Andrew Henry), Will Poulter (Bridger), it was Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald who stole the show. Tom Hardy really took this character to another level, making you hate him and yet you enjoy every minute of his screen time!


Apart from the excellent acting, there are several moments in this film that leave you tense and on the edge of your seat. Again, its a survival story and it was in Hugh’s fight for survival that these moments really take your breath away. One scene that really stands out is the bear scene! Not to get into spoiler territory, this scene is so real that its worth watching this film on that alone.


My only complaint with the movie is in its 2hr and 36min duration. The story at times seemed to stall out and leaves you feeling like maybe it could have been edited down a bit. Although little moments seemed to drag it would pick its intensity back up as it reaches its finale. With that being said, director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu does a wonderful job taking you back in time to re-live this tale of survival and revenge.

“Tag It & Bag It”            8/10