The Finest Hour reminds us how scary the ocean can be and how very dangerous the sea can become. Capturing the brave attitude of three Coast Guard’s, and the courage they show, to face impossible odds and what most call a suicide mission. A slow starter out the gate but once this true story gets going it keeps its intensity level on high for the most part.

The Finest Hours

Chris Pine (Bernie Webber) brings a side of him we haven’t really seen giving a very good performance. Also a good stand-out character was that of Casey Affleck (Ray Sybert) who’s leadership and calm under pressure attitude really played over well. A great performance from the entire cast made this enjoyable to watch. One of those intense story’s where everyone comes together to survive a very dangerous situation! A somewhat forced loved story thrown into the mix seemed to take a back seat but was still a important part of this true story.


Its most powerful element was in the rescue itself! The wonderful CGI captured the incredible force of a stormy ocean. The dangerous rescue will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. Although it lacked some character development, you will find yourself caring about the stranded crew. Over all this was a well made film with little to complain about. A very solid 7 in the “True Story” category!

“Tag It & Bag It”            7/10