Chalk this one up with all the other teen novels turned movie franchises like, (Twilight/Hunger Games/Maze Runner/Divergent etc.). Equipped with all the ingredients of a teen movie, from your typical love triangle to your shirtless guy cliché, conveniently washing himself at a lake (no joke). It’s no secret that its target audience is that of teenage girls and most importantly, its fan base of the Novel of the same name.


Another good reason is Chloe Grace Moretz playing Cassie Sullivan who in my opinion has the star power to pull off leading a franchise like this. Acting wasn’t exactly great from the entire cast although Moretz and Live Schreiber (Colonel Vosch) pulled there weight for the film. The story starts out wonderful with the alien invasion and the 5 waves that begin the take over. Really intense moments that build up to a not so surprising twist that lead to an even more disappointing 3rd and final act.


Although some story plots don’t make much sense, most problems can be overlooked as this was a well made film overall. Will we see the rest of this franchise on the big screen, who knows. I would definitely give it another chance. With more action it might just appeal to a wider audience and give this franchise life. For I don’t think this first installment made the money the studio was hoping for. The 5th Wave was a solid 6 at best.

“Tag It & Bag It”          6/10