This horror movie will scare you with its strong story and setting alone! A period piece set in 1630, sets the tone of how vulnerable this family becomes in there new land. With an equally eerie score that helped capture that creepy feeling with its violin solo, really set the mood in the opening of the film. The setting, a desolate country side deep in the hills neighbored by a dense forest inhabited by a satanic witch. Its not long into the movie before you see just how unsettling things become for this unfortunate family.


Wonderfully directed by newcomer (and very talented) Robert Eggers, this story will grab you, and pull you right in! With good character development, you also become very attached to the family, making you care what happens to each of them. Great acting from the entire cast also helped, making this the perfect set up for a very real atmosphere. With most of the cast being young teen (and younger) actors, you sometimes worry if the acting will suffer, but not in this film.


Anya Taylor-Joy (Thomasin) was great in playing the lead role! From the intense thriller moments to the more dramatic scenes, she was a “Joy” to watch (Pun intended). Do not expect many jump scares as this film put the story before all else. It shows a really historical type depiction of how people believed in witches in those times. Which brings me to one problem I had with the film (sort of)!


All the witch moments where extremely intense and creepy although they were few and far in between. With that being said, this is what made it so real! Had they shown more of her it might of cheapened the mystery and horror of this evil witch. One big complaint I have with horror movies is that they go over board in showing the main creep factor, giving them too much screen time, you eventually end up getting used to them and lose the main objective of a horror movie, the scare! No, this horror movie delivered in originality fashion. Expect no cheap jump scares, no over the top CGI witches, just some good old fashion around the camp fire story telling! A solid 9 for this horror genre film!

“Tag It & Bag It”                   9/10