Ever read a book that you just wanted to see adapted to the big screen? Most movies come from books, most of which never live up to its source material. Leaving the book lovers very dissapointed after watching the movie version of there beloved novel. “Never judge a book by its movie”, right?.. Wrong! 99% of the time I see the movie of any book adaptation first, most of the time I’m not even aware that there was a book version. But thats just me of course, the movie lover. And then theres that one percent, which brings me to this topic. In 2009 “Patient Zero” came out, the first of a 7 part novel by Jonathan Maberry. Since reading this series I have been patiently waiting for a movie studio to pick it up and begin the process of tranferring it to the big screen!


The protagonist of this series is Joe Ledger, a Boltimore detective who gets recruited to a secret military taskforce called, Department of Military Science (DMS). What ensues next is a testosterone fueled mission to save the world! A zombie book at its core, this series is filled with much more. It has monsters (The Island of Dr. Moreau style), Vampires (Genetically created by ancient cult), Aliens (Mystery origins), Genetically engineered super assassins and yes, more zombies. The action is none stop and the characters become like family by the 7th book! This can be made into a trilogy, and if done right, can become a franchise power house. I’d prefer it to be more movies, 4 to 5, maybe 6, just to fit the entire story of the Joe Ledger series.


When reading a book everyone begins to imagine there own take on what each character looks like. This is one of the reasons most book fans are dissapointed in the movie adaptations as they go in with preconceived opinions and imagination of characters and settings. The cover to Extinction Machine and Predator One are the only books to somewhat show a picture of Joe Ledger. Extinction Machine, pictured above, has a Eric Bana type looking image. And Predator One has a Thomas Jane looking image. In my opinion I see Joe Ledger as a Guy Pearce type actor! At this point I just dont care who playes the role, JUST MAKE THIS A MOVIE! Well until then,

“See You At The Movies”!