When talking about actors turned good directors, this film is the best example! Directed by Mel Gibson, this film is an instant classic. An epic period piece that truly delivers the portayal of the Mayan people and the niegboring tribes. Wonderfully directed, the story smoothly transitions from scene to scene capturing the life style of the indigneous culture. A fascinating story of Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) who is captured for human sacrifice but flees, with his captors hot on his tail!


With a very raw and gritty style, the realism of this film is outstanding! With a unknown cast, the acting is superb, keeping you drawn into the setting of this world and its characters. Arguably one of the best cinematography films of all time in my opinion! The settings throughout the film will leave you breathless, with the use of natural lighting and bright colors. Not enough can be said about the cinematography of this film!


When it comes to foriegn language movies its always best to use subtitles. Theres nothing worse then watching a movie of a different time in history in a foreign land and have the characters speak english (perfect english in some cases). Nothing can pull you out of a movie then seeing that happen! This film uses subtiles and even though some people feel that also pulls you out of the movie, I’m sure you’ll see that it had to be this way. Keeping with the realism in this way, you’ll completely be taken back in time for this extremely intriguing story of the value of family and the real danger of this era.


The character development is well done and you will definitely be on the edge of your seat as you follow Jaguar Paw’s adventure! Other then a strong family theme, there is a love story here as Jaguar fights his way back to his son and pregnant wife. Apocalypto is one of those movies you need to see before you (well you know)… This movie is a solid ten, if you have’nt seen this film, do yourself a favor and watch it. You wont be dissapointed!

“Tag It & Bag It”            10/10