I think this is the first Western/ Horror movie I have ever seen. But make no mistake, this is a western no doubt about it! A strange group of respectful actors that put out a great performance is what makes this film special. Actor Kurt Russell (Sheriff Hunt) is no stranger to the western genre. A pleasure to see him in yet another western is what drew me to watch this movie. And Patrick Wilson (Arthur) is no stranger to the horror genre, playing the least believable Cowboy of the bunch. Matthew Fox (Brooder) was the most surprising, putting a different spin on your typical gun slinger and playing a more flamboyant Cowboy, who by no means is any push-over. But the star of the film came in the form of an old back-up Deputy!


Yes, veteran actor Richard Jenkins (Chicory) completely stole the show. Chicory is the back-up Deputy to the Deputy, a “Barney Fife” type character who adds some subtle comedy but brings heart at the same time! Just a great performance that shines in a slow pace movie. A story that finds a way to add a horror element to its western era setting. Delivering more of a thriller vibe then horror as the story slowly moves forward.


What starts out as a rescue mission to save Arthurs wife Samantha (Lili Simmons) and Deputy Nick (Evan Jonigkeit) from savage Indians, turns into a fight for survival by the 3rd act of the film. As the group venture further into uncharted territory, they soon realize there not up against savage Indians but cannibalistic cave dwellers! Unfortunately this is the down side of the movie as the cannibals just did not work in my opinion. The cave dwellers looked like something out of a theme park and just didn’t have that realistic look. Although they did perform one of the most gruesome killings I’ve ever seen that will make you wanna look away!


There still were many good moments in the film to keep this from falling in the garbage movie dumpster. Like more actors and the characters they played. David Arquette (Purvis) was another surprise as I would never have imagined him as a Cowboy, pulling it off to some degree. Last but not least is the honorable mention of Sid Haig (Buddy) who also is no stranger to the horror genre being cast in many of Rob Zombie’s films. Giving this film that horror feeling, just a little bit with his presence alone. If your a fan of any of the cast members or a fan of western movies you might be delighted with Bone Tomahawk. Lower your expectations and you might even enjoy it. For me its a solid 5, as the horror side just did not work for me.

“Tag It & Bag It”            5/10