It is no wonder that Spotlight won Best picture at the Oscars! This is such a solid film from its acting to directing. Some of the best intense story telling along with supreme acting that just doesn’t get any better than this. In my opinion this film should not only have won best picture but best supporting actor (Mark Ruffalo) as well.


This ensemble of A-list actors deliver a strong performance that will captivate the audience. The true story, dealing with controversial subject matter, is the heart of this film. Not only when telling the story of the Catholic Church and there priest molestation scandal but also the reporter’s and there hard work to uncover the truth. A strong piece on investigating journalism that will keep you invested from begining to end!


This is a must see film, not having much negative things to say if any, its a very well rounded film. If your a fan of Micheal Keaton, Rachel McAdams or any of the casting crew you will not be dissapointed. I went into this movie not knowing anything of director Tom McCarthy, after seeing Spotlight he will be a director I’ll keep on my radar. This movie is a low 10, but a 10 none the less!

“Tag It & Bag It”            10/10