Since the people involved in making this film kept most of it a secret, I will keep this spoiler free. Now let me try to explain why I enjoyed this movie so much without giving too much away. This movie was wonderfully directed by rookie director Dan Trachtenberg! He did a wonderful job keeping you invested in the story that takes place in the confined space of a underground bomb shelter. With just 3 main cast members, the story never gets stale as the character development smoothly flows from scene to scene. Bringing out the claustrophobic conditions only amps up the intensity level that this psychological thriller already has plenty of. With plenty of “twist” the movie does a great job of keeping you in the dark along with leading lady Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Michelle), as she tries to make sense of the owner and creator of this shelter!


This is where the movie shined, with its entire cast (all 3 of them) and the great acting they gave. Especially that of supporting actor John Goodman (Howard). What a performance, Oscar worthy in every way! The mystery behind him and his true intensions keep you on the edge of your seat. With his awkward and somewhat antisocial personality, you almost forget of the danger outside as Goodman hikes up the creep factor.


John Gallagher Jr. (Emmett) also brought heart, giving humanity to a very psychotic inducing environment. Yes this film truly captured all the right elements that can be found in such a situation that can drive one mad. And of course the danger outside makes for even more intense moments. Which was my only small problem I had with 10 Cloverfield Lane. But to keep this spoiler free I will not get into detail on why I didn’t like this small part of its finale. Which can be easily overlooked, as I loved the rest of this movie! A solid 9 my friends, catch it while its still in theaters…

“Tag It & Bag It”            9/10