With a production budget of $140 million and a domestic total of $27.6 million as of March 14, 2016 (Box Office Mojo), its safe to say that someone is gonna get a pants down spanking for this financial bomb! Yes the worldwide figure is $108.6 million and it still has theater life left, a pants down spanking is still deserving after seeing this disappointing action adventure flop. Still trying to ride the waves of 300, Gerard Butler (Set) put out his best “sword and sandals” performance which was just shy of screaming, “This is Sparta”! The rest of the cast is virtually unknown to me and with no real standout performance, they went completely unnoticed. Although Elodie Yung (Hathor) I know as playing Elektra in the upcoming Daredevil season 2, it was nice to see her acting chops. Another honorable mention would be Chadwick Boseman (Thoth), who will be playing Black Panther in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The rest of the cast is not worth mentioning. The one good quality of the film came from its monsters, as I went into this hoping to get a feel of a Ray Harryhausen type film. Which it did deliver to some degree although it was completely CGI heavy!


Yes, some of the cool CGI monsters were very awesome and gave the adventure some well deserved action. The monsters, most of which were taken from Egyptian myth, played out well but fell short at times to boring story telling. A story that was filled with plot holes and ridiculous unnecessary over the top moments (Grandfather God pulling a sun)… The story never took itself too seriously, one good indication is that it had no Egyptian actors yet the story takes place in Egypt! With all that being said it is good empty headed popcorn fun thanks to some cool monsters and fight scenes. Making this action fantasy a low 5.

“Tag It & Bag It”         5/10