This straight to DVD movie is the very reason I’m always hesitant to purchase one! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you find some real good straight to DVD movies. Not the case with Extraction, its bad in every possible way! Acting so bad it was hard to watch at times and the bad dialogue was laughable. Up and coming actor Kellan Lutz (Harry Turner) just did not convince me that he can play the action hero. He just could not sell a single punch, let alone an entire fight scene. Then there was the veteran actor of the bunch, Bruce Willis (Leonard Turner), who seemed to have mailed in his performance via Skype from the comfort of his couch. A completely lazy performance, painfully obvious he just wanted a paycheck and well on his way to becoming the straight to DVD King! Sadly, the days of “Yippie-Kye-Yay” might be over. Then there was the reason I bought this movie, Gina Carano!


I’ve been a fan of Gina Carano dating back to her MMA days and when she started doing movies I’ve been a supporter of hers ever since. Unfortunately it hasn’t been such a smooth transition with her straight to DVD movies. Her acting has a long way to go and when partnered with a not so great director like Steven C. Miller, the results can be devastating! Luckily she has a strong martial arts background and watching her in these fight scenes is always a pleasure. But when the rest of the movie is garbage its hard to see the good in a film like this. This movie should be avoided, for its 83 minutes of your life you will never get back.

“Tag It & Bag It”             2/10