The DC trinity together at last! Yes DC’s three most iconic characters, Superman/Batman and Wonder Woman together for the first time ever on the big screen. Many have waited years for this, anticipation with fans and audiences has never been higher, as the trinity has never looked so good! Aside from its main three (more on them in a minute), the film also had a wonderful supporting cast with returning characters Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Martha Kent (Diane Lane) and new comer Jeremy Irons as Alfred, just to name a few. Jeremy Irons was a delight addition as I really enjoyed his take on the role as Alfred. The banter between Alfred and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) was a much needed ingredient of some subtle comedy relief moments as the tone of this film was very dark. Let me move on to one new character that just did not work for me, Lex Luther!


Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luther was a horrible one! Failing to portray an evil genius, he came off as a Rich Hippy looking millionaire with a quirky psychotic personality. With all due respect to actor Jesse Eisenberg (as I loved him in Zombieland), this was just a very bad casting decision. Even though the film has a very dark feel, his psychotic behavior just did not fit in the movie. Which brings me to another problem I had with this film, its dark tone! I don’t mind a dark tone but this “false God” story was built up for so long throughout the movie that it sucked the fun right out of this superhero film. With its serious story and semi-slow build, it makes you feel every minute of its two and a half hour duration, up until the end that is. This is where the movie reminds you your watching a superhero movie!


The introduction of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was met with a strong applause in the theater which felt more like a standing ovation, and rightfully so. Yes this was the highlight of the movie for me! When first hearing that Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman the entire fan community reaction was not a positive one (including myself). Man was I worried for nothing, cause this was casting perfection!!! Gadot brought everything you’d expect Wonder Woman to be, intelligent, strong, beautiful and simply bad-ass!


Not to be over shadowed by this Amazonian Goddess was that of the new Batman! Ben Affleck was also met with fan outcries but that can be put to rest as well. In my opinion this just might be the best Batman to date! With the highlights of the movie being Wonder Woman and Batman in my opinion, the action at the end saves this from being a dark somewhat  boring film.


The fight with Doomsday was nothing short of amazing! A visual spectacle as director Zack Snyder knows how to shoot visually stunning action sequences. This fight which teams the trinity together gives you a glimpse of what’s to come in the DC cinematic universe. And although the movie has many flaws I’m still very excited to see the rest of this universe come together! This is a must see film for any DC fan no doubt, regular audience members might not be so thrilled, as the dark tone might make it boring for kids…

“Tag It & Bag It”                 7/10