When it comes to disaster movies there haven’t been any real good ones lately. What’s impressive about this one is that its not all that bad for a low budget film. Indie films usually deal with having low budgets, but when it comes to the wave itself, the special effects are pretty darn good! The story deals with the unstable rocky mountains of Norway, starting the movie off by showing real footage of a similar disaster that occurred in 1905. This sets the tone of the film as this is a real threat the Norwegian population in fjord Geiranger face today! The movie depicts a fictional example of what this threat might cause if it ever happens.


As I mention earlier, the special effects are very good for this low budget film and that was important due to the subject matter the story deals with. A disaster movie with a very real survival story as you follow geologist Kristian (Kristoffer Joner) and his struggle to save his family from the oncoming Tsunami. Its a Norwegian film with English subtitles and so the entire cast is unknown to me, yet the acting is solid! The story moves a bit slow as they build up the characters of the film, making it nothing really special until the tsunami climax which starts about half way into the film.


After the initial hit of the wave, the struggle for survival and rescue begins. Filled with a couple of intense moments throughout the final act, which works to some extent as director Roar Uthaug does a good job of investing you in the family. My one BIG problem with the movie was in its “happy” ending! Not to give too much away, but this has your typical cliché disaster movie ending, and that just took me right out of what is a pretty solid film. Not a bad movie if your bored at home or just a fan of the disaster movie genre.

“Tag It & Bag It”            5/10