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Attention all sweaties (comic book nerds)! Director Jon Schnepp is trying to get his next project off the ground on … A documentary about the rise of comic book movies and the fall of comic book shops. For a more detailed review of this documentary please visit the link provided above. Please go to kickstarter and become a backer as I did, and be one of many to receive the package of your choice. I’d really like to see this come to fruition as it deals with something close to me, Comics and Movies! Who better to direct this documentary then the king of the sweaties himself, Jon Schnepp, who just recently brought us the excellent documentary film TDOSLWH!


The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened was a very in depth doc about the 1998 superman movie starring Nicholas Cage that almost happened! Filled with lots of live interviews and hours of extra footage, I highly recommend this to anyone who has a love for this source material. If you have not seen this documentary, find it, watch it, and get a glimpse of what Sweaties Unite: Rise of the Uber-Nerd can become. Director Jon Schnepp is also the host of Collider Heroes, a show based on superhero movie news and all things comic book movie related. So please help this project get made and even get your name in the end credits for doing so, I really hope this happens. For now is the time, more then ever, for us Sweaties to Unite! Until then,

“See You At The Movies”…