Leon: The Professional, is one of my favorite 90’s movies of all time! This movie is special to me for its one of those films that you watch when your younger and now holds a strong nostalgia factor. Aside from being nostalgic, it has many other elements that make this a great movie. One great element this crime drama got right was in its villain, he’s scary in the way that he’s so unpredictable and he just creeps you out.

Leon 2

Gary Oldman (Stansfield) plays your not so typical crooked DEA agent who obviously has mental issues. When it comes to all time great villains, Oldman’s performance here has to rank in the top 10! His portrayal of the leading agent of a very corrupt DEA unit is simply amazing. There illegal dealings brings up one of the most intense scenes in the movie, as you see just how cruel and vengeful this DEA unit can be. This sets up the main plot of the story and brings us to the two main characters of the film who again, are just more wonderful elements to this film!


Jean Reno (Leon) and Mathilda (Natalie Portman) are excellent! The chemistry and relationship that develop between Reno and Portman is what makes this movie great. By far this is one of my favorite Jean Reno films ever. Featuring a very young Natalie Portman, this movie made me a fan of hers till this day! Leon training Matilda to be a “Cleaner” can seem a little far fetched but director Luc Besson does a wonderful job of making this believable by successfully incorporating some subtle humor which plays out really well. This also brings us to some really cool action scenes which is just another great reason to see this movie. Its final act leads us to one of the most dramatic endings in the history of film! Not to give too much away, keep some tissue close by, that’s all I’m saying. If you haven’t seen this movie stop what your doing and go watch this now! You wont be disappointed.

“Tag It & Bag It”               10/10