When it comes to favorite directors, Robert Rodriguez is one of mine. Although I’m not a fan of all his films, the ones I do like are some of my favorites! Guilty pleasures like, “Planet Terror”, to the visually stunning comic book adaptation “Sin City”. Not to mention “From Dusk Till Dawn”, which has one of the best opening scenes of all time in my opinion. Then there’s Desperado, a over the top action movie with your over the top characters, humor and dialogue, all done in typical Robert Rodriguez fashion.


The two leads of the film were great, having great chemistry playing that love you-hate you-love you again relationship. El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) plays a man on a mission of vengeance, is it your typical revenge story, yes it is but its great! To quote the late Roger Ebert, ” This is your typical action movie where the bad guys never hit there target and the good guys never miss”! And to add to that, the good guys never seem to run out of bullets as well. With that being said, its one hell of a shoot’em up action movie with Banderas making it fun with his good performance. On to the other lead of the film, this movie introduced me to the actress that stole my heart in the 90’s!


Yes, Salma Hayek (Carolina) played the innocent damsel in distress better then anyone I have ever seen! A damsel in distress who later becomes a bit of a bad-ass herself, but still gave this bullet-fest movie some heart. Used in this film as eye candy, her acting chops are not to be taken lightly as she would later demonstrate in the 2002 film Frida, which won 2 academy awards and was nominated for 6. Salma’s beauty and acting skills along with Banderas performance are what made this movie. A movie that shouldn’t be taken too serious with all its over the top characters, characters that need to be talked about!

DESPERADO, Danny Trejo, 1995

One such character is that of Navajas played by Danny Trejo, a Mexican assassin who handles his victims with throwing knives. Other great cast members include Cheech Marin (Short Bartender), yes his actual name in the film as it appears in the credits. A funny scumbag’ish bartender who you would not wanna take a drink from. Steve Buscemi playing the role of “Buscemi” , as the character was written with the actor in mind. Last but not least, Quentin Tarantino as (Pick-up Guy), who has a long cameo in the film and adds some really good humor. This movie is over the top but directed in such a way that it brings the fun making this film enjoyable.

“Tag It & Bag It”                8/10