I am a sucker when it comes to over the top action movies, especially when its from the 80’s! In 1986 I was treated to this over the top fantasy adventure flick that literally throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. Its got Magic, Kung Fu, Monsters, Sorcery, Sword fights, Gun fights and last but not least, Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) and his Pork Chop Express! I’m a big Kurt Russell fan and this is by far one of my favorite Russell films. The comedy in this film is right up my alley, as its spread through out this adventure from beginning to end. Its Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Jack Burton that really made this movie special.


Jack Burton is your all American hero who’s not so good at the hero part. Sporting the hair game, he makes being the clumsy hero look cool, full on mullet and all. After receiving some special potion from friends Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) and Egg Shen (Victor Wong), Jack becomes a little more then his not so average self. A must needed help as Jack will be going “where no man has gone before”, underground passage ways that lead to dungeons like, Hell of the Upside Down Sinners! As Jack and Wang explore this dangerous world searching for friends Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall) and Miao Yin (Suzee Pai), this is where the action happens in all its over the top galore!


Yes the picture above really happens! Fighting a powerful sorcerer by the name of David Lo Pan (James Hong), Jack and friends are up against many villains of all shapes and sizes. Lo Pan is protected by three very lethal and deadly bodyguards who have powers of there own. A knife expert, a strong guy and one who can even controls lightning!


The character of Lightning (James Pax) had to be what inspired Raiden from the popular video game series, Mortal Combat! This is where the film really shines as I said before, the action is pure fantasy fun! With elements of the old Kung Fu Theater days and the action of a modern times Hollywood blockbuster, there is no better way to describe this movie then pure fantasy fun. The comedy is mixed into the action very well due to some really good performances from the entire cast, as it really seems that they were meant to play these roles! This is 80’s classic in every way, a must see gem. Some of the special effects might be out dated on and can seem really bad compared to todays standards, but this is what made the 80’s special! If you haven’t seen this film please do so, for its good popcorn fun!

Tag It & Bag It            9/10