In just 3 more days (not counting today) the Civil War 5 movie marathon begins! This special event which is being called, “Ultimate Captain America: Civil War”, is gonna take the 4 main Marvel movies that directly connect to the events of Civil War. All of which are Captain America centric, for Civil War is basically Captain America part 3. This is an all day event as the very first movie starts at 7:00am in the morning with the very last movie, Captain America: Civil War, ending the marathon later that night. So here is a run down of the movies being shown in the order they go in.


The first movie will be Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). This is Cap’s first movie in the marvel cinematic universe, a solo movie as we see the origins of Steve Rogers and how he becomes Captain America. A period piece as this movie is set in the year 1942, follows Rogers as he tries desperately to join the army to make a deference. After several failed attempts due to not meeting army regulations and requirements, a scrawny 90 lb, 5 foot tall Rogers just doesn’t give up. After catching the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), he offers Rogers a chance only if willing to try a new experiment. After being injected with some “Super Soldier Serum”, which gives Rogers enhanced strength and a enhanced healing facter, Captain America is born!


The second movie is, The Avengers (2012). This movie unites all the heroes for the first time in the cinematic universe. Most importantly, its the first time Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark (Iron Man). And equally important, it shows a glimpse of things to come as Rogers and Tony have there first argument which gets pretty heated! This argument between the two is very important, as it shows the very deferent personalities and views each hero has. This can be considered the beginning of the feud to come!


The third movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). This is also a very important movie as it shows the betrayal of the government agency that Steve works for, S.H.E.I.L.D. Infiltrated by the evil organization Hydra, Steve cant seem to trust anyone as some of the people he knows try to kill him at every corner. This is important because it helps you understand Steve’s stance when it comes to being controlled by corrupt government agencies. Which is one part of the events to come in Civil War!


The fourth movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). The importance of this movie is not necessarily things that have to do with Steve but rather Tony Stark. The creation of Ultron was from the direct actions of Tony Stark and his “vision” to create a better future. This turns out to be a disaster as Ultron believes the only hope for a better future is to wipe out mankind. This is important because of the destruction left by the Avengers as they try to stop Ultron. The world sees that these heroes come with a price, massive collateral damage, as they try to rid the world of other evil forces in the universe, some of which is created by them directly. Not only do the people see this, but more importantly, the governments of the world. Which brings us to the 5th and final film!


Captain America: Civil War. This is by far my most anticipated movie of 2016! All of the events of the movies mentioned above come to a boiling point as we see the heroes divided down two sides. One side being lead by Tony Stark/Iron Man, who believes they should be regulated by the government. The other side being lead by Steve Rogers/Captain America, who believes this is a violation of human rights. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who will win? I guess the real question is, whose side are YOU on?…

“See You At The Movies”