Okay Boys and Girls, this ones for everyone! Not just the die hard’s (although die hard fans will enjoy every reference to its fullest) but for the casual moviegoers as well. This movie does what a lot of other movies try to do and fail (most of the time anyways). It brought three things together in a well balanced way, Drama, Humor, and Action! The character development has been building from all the previous movies and so when it comes to this epic battle you are totally invested in Steve and Tony (and all the rest)!


Even though this has a bigger size roster then an Avengers movie, this is first and foremost a Captain America movie! I went into this movie “Team Cap”, but by its finale, I can see why some will become “Team Ironman”. The two friends have different views and for good reason, and this brings them to a emotional clash. As the Heroes are divided taking sides, it leads us to one of the ultimate superhero battles in movie history! A battle that can best be described as a “WWF Royal Rumble” type battle! Filled with awesome fight scenes and good timed humor that doesn’t dilute the action. Which brings me to another stand out character, Spider-Man!


Spiderman (Tom Holland) was such a delight and his introduction was amazing. Not feeling forced, the story really fit his involvement and the relationship he begins to have with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). They really nailed it with this new take on Spidey, and his humor will have you LOL! So many characters to talk about that really brought a lot to the table, each having there moments and not feeling left out. One new character who I will mention, that is introduced in this film, is that of character Black Panther!


T’Challa/Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman was totally Bad-Ass! When T’Challa goes toe-to-toe out of his suit with a superhero, you get the feeling that this guy is one tuff SOB! His involvement is also well placed and fit in nicely to the story. And directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo did a wonderful job of handling all these characters and not making it feel overloaded or chaotic. Acting was great from the entire cast and the directing of such a full, yet great story, was done very well. I have to be picky to find something that didn’t work in this film, that being some story moments seemed slow and a villain (Zemo/Daniel Bruhl) that was some what forgettable. But again, there very small complaints. Which can be easily overlooked by one scene alone, the “Airport” scene! This 18 minute royal rumble scene will have you on the edge of your seat with a smile on your face from ear-to-ear! This is a fun movie packed with emotion and good timed humor all roled into one. Check this out soon before all the spoilers begin to flow on social media sites my friends!

Tag It & Bag It                10/10