One of my favorite genre’s is the Fantasy genre and ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, there haven’t been that many fantasy movies. This prequel to the Snow White movie was not that bad. Not having Snow White (Kristen Stewart), Winters War did add some great talent, putting together a wonderful cast!


In addition to the returning cast members of The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and Ravenna (Charlize Theron), new comers Queen Freya (Emily Blunt) and Sara (Jessica Chastain) were a welcome addition! Chastain pulled off a good performance, playing Sara, a badassery warrior with the looks of a princess. Emily Blunt brought an emotional performance and also a believable darkside that develops as she is a main character to this story. Charlize and Hemsworth also do a good job here again reprising there roles. Although I prefer to see Hemsworth welding a “Hammer” then two axes. But still, acting was solid across the board.


When it comes to the fantasy genre, there’s one important element, the world they create. With fairy’s creeping about in a sparkly forest along side normal forest animals, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery’s. With hopping bunnies and varmint meadows, this film creates a wonderful utopia. But with all fantasy’s, there always a dark side to even the balance of good and evil.


Yes, monsters like this Wolf/Polar bear looking thing are among the creatures to expect in the fantasy world. Also in the forest are Demons, black horned creatures that add some action to this adventure. These type of characters (monsters) are just as important as the world they live in. With all the right elements in the film there still was a sense of the lack of something special! Maybe it was the use of some CGI, or the lack of a really good stand-out character, I’m not really sure, but it needed something. If your a fan of the fantasy genre this wont be a waste of time. But if this type of movie aint your cup of tea, you might not like it all that much. To me, it still had just enough good elements to make this a solid 7!

Tag It & Bag It               7/10