Let me start by saying that the poster for this movie was a parody to another movie I enjoyed this year (Civil War).. So I thought that was funny and should be mentioned. Unfortunately the movie itself was not that funny. There was some laugh out loud moments but just not enough. Some of the over the top comedy fell on its face and since most of it was R-rated humor, it just came off as crude. The cast for the most part did a good job.


Seth Rogen and company were a joy to watch as they reprised there roles. Again, with only a few scenes that really had me laughing, most of my time was spent waiting for some type of smart humor and not just silly over the top comedy. The type of comedy that doesn’t take itself serious when maybe that’s what it needed to do! To some degree anyways. The film did add some new flavor that came in the form of a all female sister hood!


Lead by Chloe Grace Moretz, the Sorority Sisters brought some feelings to the story. Not just your average girls gone wild, these girls have a cause believe it or not, which brings some emotion to a other wise cliché story setting. But not even the charm or good acting of Moretz could save this not so funny comedy. Maybe I need more then scenes of someone vomiting in someone’s face to make me laugh, or seeing an air bag send someone hurling into a garage door to get a chuckle out of me. Or maybe I’m just getting old… (God I hope its not the latter)

Tag It & Bag It              4/10