When it comes to movie franchises there’s a long list of good ones. One of my favorites is that of the Lethal Weapon franchise, mainly for its fourth installment! So without any further ado, let me talk about one of my favorite movies of all time.


Lethal Weapon 4 brings back the cast of all the previous films with its two lead stars Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs) and Danny Glover (Roger Murtaugh). These two might not have started the “Buddy-Cop” movies but they are the definition of what makes the buddy-cop films great! From the very first film the chemistry these two have was noticeable from the start, and the relationship they develop through out the series makes them family by this film. Other returning cast members are Rene Russo (Lorna Cole), Joe Pesci (Leo Getz) along with many others, including Roger Murtaugh’s entire family! Two new cast members that I would like to mention are that of Chris Rock (Detective Lee Butters) and Jet Li (Wah Sing Ku). Chris Rock brought some very funny humor to a already funny movie. This is an action comedy but stays true to its serious story material. Now let me talk about the other new cast member, the villain who stole the show!


When it comes to movie villains there have been some characters that really bring that dangerous side out and make it powerful. Wah Sing Ku is by far one of the most powerful antagonist a movie has ever had! He ranks in my top 5 movie villains of all time. With little dialogue he comes off as a dangerous silent killer, a Triad hitman who doesn’t need a gun to be extremely lethal. Director Richard Donner did a wonderful job bringing out Jet Li’s strengths and playing off of Li’s real martial arts background. His little dialogue is excused by the story as it makes sense to his character being a Chinese Triad, but make no mistake, every scene with Wah Sing Ku is show stealing! Another great thing about this film is in its third act.


This franchise closes out its series in epic fashion. Bringing the gang back together while adding new characters that become family all in one final act was simply emotional. Great character development, great comedic timing, a great villain with awesome action scenes, and one great emotional ending is what makes this one of my favorite franchises. To fully grasp all the humor and story references you have to watch this series from the beginning. But make no mistake, this movie can be enjoyed on its own! I highly recommend this franchise or just this movie alone, you wont be disappointed…

             Tag It & Bag It            10/10