Okay my friends, bare with me, as this type of movie is not in my wheelhouse! Apparently this is another film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book, which has a strong following. The movie adaptations of his books respectfully also have a strong following as this marks the eleventh book made into a movie. Also apparent is the fact that he loves to use “Love triangles” and “Character deaths” to somehow bring out the romance element in his stories. These are typically not things I look for in a movie, but lets face it gentlemen, we have to let the ladies pick the movies from time to time. So I tried to prepare myself the best I could and went into this movie with an open mind! So lets get into it.


The two leads here were pretty likable and had good chemistry together. Travis (Benjamin Walker) was your typical ladies man with his chiseled face and countless shirtless scenes (a bit obvious but whatever).. But otherwise a good actor who fit the role pretty well. His co-star Teresa Palmer (Gabby), who I kept mistaking for Kristen Stewart for some reason, was a perfect casting match here as they both played off each other very well. Other supporting cast members added to the good acting in the film, like actor Tom Wilkinson (Shep) and actresses Maggie Grace (Steph), Alexandra Daddario (Monica) and actor Tom Welling (Ryan). The problem I had was with the story and its many flaws! To keep this spoiler free I’ll just say it had rushed moments, unnecessary story plots and a very bad third act! Directed by Ross Katz, I feel like directing might of been the issue here. Other than a badly drawn out story, which lets face it, is the most important element in a romantic drama, the movie was helped out by its cast and its catchy ” Bother me baby” movie line. So it wasn’t a complete disaster. It will probably be a hit for you hopeless romantics out there, unfortunately for me it just left me feeling a bit hopeless…

Tag It & Bag It                   4/10