Ok when it comes to movie genres, comedies are my weak spot as I’m not really drawn to them. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with this comedy. I went into this film with low expectations which might of helped in me enjoying it as much as I did. I’m a fan of the Rocks movies and this is what made me go see this comedy. I’m not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart’s loud hyper humor which is why I had the low expectations. But that’s where the surprise came from!


Dwayne Johnson as Bob Stone and Kevin Hart as Calvin Joyner where a surprise match! I was really impressed with Dwayne’s performance and his comedic timing. Watching him in this movie really shows his improvement and how far he’s come as an actor! Dwayne was one of the best things in this somewhat funny comedy. I was really expecting Kevin Hart to annoy me with the same performances he gives in every role he has ever played. But, to my surprise, he actually toned it down in this film. Not completely, as half way thru the movie he begins with the loud silliness, which left some comedy moments dry of humor. But for the most part he did show a different side, a more calm side that made it easy to over look the Kevin Hart that we’re used to seeing. Another great treat was two surprised comedic actors that make an appearance that left me with a smile on my face. I cannot name the actor and actress that appear in the film as they are not credited on the Central Intelligence’s IMDb page, therefore naming them would be a spoiler! One has a small role and the other is a cameo, but its a nice surprise for sure! With the lack of a real story and humor moments that fail, this comedy falls short of being something special. But the good chemistry between the two main leads and the help from supporting cast members (two of which were literally surprises), this comedy still has something worthy for fans of the comedy genre.

Tag It & Bag It                   6/10