Ok horror fans here’s another mark in the winning column for you guys! So lets get into this film (Warning: creepy images ahead). When word got around that the crew of The Conjuring 2 had a real life priest come and bless the set before filming started, you knew this was gonna be intense. This sequel is just as good as the first if not better! So if you loved the scares you got from the first Conjuring, you are going to absolutely love part two.


First off, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise there roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren who are a key to the success of this film. You really become emotionally attached to these characters as they willingly face the horrors of demonic possession to help a little girl and her family. That little girl being Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe) who did extremely well carrying her heavy role. Director James Wan, who is becoming a legend in the horror genre, does another excellent job here with character development and tone. He totally gets how important the visual tone of a horror movie should be, and not just in the scary moments of the film but throughout the movie. Also the slight introduction of two very creepy characters!


The Crooked Man has a some what small role in the film but man was it one of the strangest kinds of creepy! This character was so intriguing that a stand alone movie can be made about him and I’d pay to see it. No origin story is given, but this was a nice side villain to this already scary true story. With all that being said, I did however have one complaint when it came to the Crooked Man and his special effects. It wasn’t bad CGI or anything like that, but when it came to his scenes there was this weird Tim Burton type animation to him that just didn’t seem to fit the look and feel of the movie. As creepy as it was, it just seemed off from the other creepy character of the film. That other creepy character coming in the shape of one horrifying Nun!


This Nun (which is quickly becoming known as “The Marilyn Manson Nun”) is one of thee most creepiest horror characters of all time! Every scene or images of her in the movie is just plain goosebump  inducing! This was really well done and fit the story even better as the film starts out with another true story that took place in a little town called “Amityville”. I will leave it at that to not give too much away, but make no mistake horror fans, this ones for you! And just one more warning, if your going to see this movie, make sure your not sleeping alone that night because no matter how tight you hug your pillow, its not gonna comfort you…

Tag It & Bag It              9/10